Thursday, 15 February 2018

Make Gynecologist Your Friend To Ensure Good Health

The gynecologists have a great role to play in the lives of a woman. The woman after she has become and adult though she is sexually active or no needs to visit the gynecologist at least once in a couple of years.

This is just a precautionary measure more so if you are sexually active and you or your partner are not using some preventive measures while having sex. The gynecologist will do some tests to ensure the health of the genital area and the reproductive organs.  Also your partner needs to undergo a checkup from time to time so that his genital area health is not under any harm or threat says Dr. Garima Tyagi.

So make it a point to take an appointment with the local gynecologist. It is not only the married even unmarried women need to take this step and get themselves checked up. If there is any underlying disorder it will come to light and this done with sooner the better.

This kind of visits to the specialists will ensure good health in the public. As it is there is a stigma against all that is related to sex and the genital area. Not many people talk about the different kinds of disorders that a person can have in connection with this area. Several people also have different kinds of misconceptions and going along with these may be more harmful than doing any good.

Instead one should visit a specialist and get the tests done to know if there is really any disorder. If there is one, then proper therapies or treatment plans need to be followed so that the person can get back to good health. This is the opinion of none other than one of the top 10 gynecologists in Ghaziabad.

A gynecologist is not a person to be abhorred but should be a friend of every woman. This will ensure a healthy sexual life and also good health in the woman.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Is Taking A Pap Smear Test A Necessity

Pap test or Pap smear is a procedure that is done for women to test for the presence of cervical cancer. The doctors recommend this test for every woman above 21 years who is sexually active.

Dr. Garima Tyagi too emphasizes this and stresses that it is an important test that no woman should miss. This test should be done once a year until the age of 35 even if the results of the tests are not positive. After this age, if three tests are not positive the test can be taken once in three years but it is necessary to be screened for cervical cancer.

Usually, it is the opinion that cancer strikes at an old age but in the case of cervical cancer it is found to be more prevalent in the young woman says this doctor practicing in Shree Narayan Hospital Ghaziabad.

There is nothing to fear about this test. A few cells are collected and tested for the presence of any kind of abnormal cells in the cervix. If there are none the chances of getting cancer is very remote, yet you need to continue this test as recommended by your doctor to be on the safer side.

In case there are some abnormal cells a further test is done on the type of these cells and then it is decided whether they are cancer forming cells. If the cells are found to be cancer forming the treatment is immediately started so as to stop their spreading and causing full-fledged cancer.

If you had not taken the pap smear test this would not be known about the presence of such cells. And in a few years time when it is too late and you would see some other physical symptoms that point out to be cancer. Then the cure would not be available and this can take away the life of the woman. If she is too young and she loses her life the family also will suffer.

So on the recommendation of your gynecologist you need to go through this pap smear test and be on the safer side. The doctor can decide the time of the test and may recommend some dos and don’ts before the test. Following this is important because the test result will be near perfect.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Vaginal Discharge Is Normal Unless There Is Some Abnormal Symptom

Every woman gets some vaginal discharge at some point of time or the other. Unless it is infectious it is normal to have such a discharge from the vagina. The fluid that comes of the vagina every day is composed of the dead cells of the lining of the vagina. So this discharge is a way of safeguarding your body parts and keeping them healthy and clean.

When any part lacks hygiene it can be prone to infections says Dr Garima Tyagi. So this is the natural way of keeping it clean and you should not interfere with this process. Many use douching to clean up the vagina. This is not healthy and instead of cleaning it up you may contact some infection so you should avoid it.
But also you should check the color of the discharge and whether it is abnormal. If the color is white and there is no smell from the discharge it is normal to have it. Usually the amount increases when you have ovulated and it may be a little thick. But if it is not foul smelling there is nothing to worry.
If the discharge is yellow or green in color there is some underlying issue to some part of the reproductive system probably the uterus. Then you may also have some itching and irritation in the area of the vagina. Probably you have contacted vaginitis.
In such a case you need to contact some best gynaecologist in indirapuram like Dr Garima Tyagi. Avoiding visiting the doctor may cause more complications for you and your partner.
The doctor may want to check your partner too if you are sexually active. This is to check if he also has some infection and to stop the infection from spreading further. On checking and undergoing some tests the real reason for the abnormal discharge from the vagina will be found out and the proper treatment plan will be given to the patients.
All such issues are treatable but you need to approach the right person that is a good gynecologist to avoid any tricky situation in the future.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Stay Healthy During Pregnancy Following The Experts Tips About Food

During pregnancy, a woman needs to take precaution in many things. Among other things a woman should take care and monitor what she eats during the pregnancy says Dr. Garima Tyagi. This regimen should be started by the woman the day she has tested positive for pregnancy.

This gynecologist who is working at Shree Narayan Hospital Ghaziabad gives a list of food items to be avoided

  1. Substance abuse: It will be good for the mother and baby if the mother completely gives up her habit of taking drugs, alcohol or smoking. There is a high chance of the baby being born with a deformity if such substances are consumed during pregnancy. Also, these should be.
  2. Caffeine: Consumption of coffee, tea, aerated drinks and any other items that contain caffeine in high amounts should be avoided or taken in a very small amount. Too much of caffeine is found to cause miscarriage, low birth weight, premature birth and so on. Refraining from caffeine will be good for the baby and mother.
  3. Fatty items:  Though fat is considered one of the essential nutrients for a healthy growth too much of it may be harmful. Take the advice of a nutritionist or your gynecologist on how much of lipids and fats you should take during pregnancy and soon after too.
  4. Cholesterol-rich food: Food that is rich in cholesterol should be avoided as much as possible. Take only the limited amount of such food on the recommendation of the nutritionist.
  5. Sugar and salt: Too much sugar and salt and also saccharine should be avoided. Intake of these may cause some health issues so these are better taken in a limit.
  6. Uncooked seafood: If you must take seafood and fish you should eat only after it is cooked to avoid certain maladies or infection due to E. coli. Even undercooked poultry should be avoided for the same reason. Fish that contain mercury should be completely shunned.

Always eat a balanced diet and add the nutrients like food rich in iron, folic acid and so on in your daily food and are recommended by one who is the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad. Following these tips ensures your overall health during pregnancy is her opinion.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Some Do's And Don’ts Of The Third Trimester Of The Pregnancy

he stages of a pregnancy in any woman is divided into three semester and each is called a trimester. The last one is from the onset of the 28th week. The gynecologists give some special advice to the women in this phase.
Dr Garima Tyagi one of the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad has this to say to the women who are in this phase of their pregnancy. She says there are five things that have to be given importance during this phase of the pregnancy
  1. Body changes
  2. Fetal developments
  3. Staying healthy
  4. Doctor visits
  5. Preparing for birth
Dr. Garima Tyagi

There will be plenty of changes seen in the body during this period.
The movement of the baby in the womb will increase which may cause some discomfort to the would-be mother.
  1. Urge to urinate may increase.
  2. Random tightening of the uterus may occur.
  3. Heartburn, swelling in the ankles, face and fingers may be seen
  4. May experience more pain and aches
  5. The tummy will grow bigger day by day
  6. Hemorrhoid
  7. Difficulty in sleeping
  8. Breasts become tender and may see some milk like leakage

In case there is some abnormal pain in the abdominal area, swelling, bleeding or some unrecognized ache you need to call your doctor immediately.
By this time all the organs and parts will be present. They need to grow and mature. The senses would have developed and can recognize voice and music.
As in any stage it is important for you to stay healthy. You need to go by the advice of your gynecologist as to what things you should avoid eating and what should not be missed in your diet.
Exercising also is important and you should follow the dos and don’ts according to the doctor’s advice.
It is important to visit the doctor at regular intervals as per the schedule. In case of any untoward feeling or pain then you can call in the doctor or visit the clinic for consultation.
Also you need to prepare yourself for the arrival of the baby. The hospital room needs to be booked and other preparations like the clothes and other items that you and your baby may need like diapers, baby clothes and so on in the hospital should be packed in a bag and kept ready so that you don’t need to hurry in the last minute.
You may get labor pains any time so be prepared and stay calm. Panicking may aggravate the matter for you and your near and dear ones says Dr Garima Tyagi, Sr. Gynaecologist at Shree Narayan Hospital. Call for help immediately when you get some pain.

Following these your pregnancy will be smooth and so will be the birth of your child.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Safe And Effective Contraceptive IUD | Dr. Garima Tyagi

After few months of childbirth, the mother may become sexually active and this may result in another pregnancy soon. However, spacing in between two children is really vital.  Having a child before the previous child turns three is not healthy for the child as well as the mother.
Then what is the solution for this? Does the woman have to forsake her sexual life and stay celibate for three years? This is not a practical solution. Every person has her or his need.

The best option is to use contraceptives is the opinion of Dr.Garima Tyagi, best gynaecologist in indirapuram. In case you get pregnant and are not ready for the next child you may even resort to terminating this pregnancy which is not a healthy option for the woman in question.

There are different kinds of contraceptives used by different people according to their convenience. One of the safest and most effective contraceptives is the IUD the intrauterine device.
There are many points in favor of using an IUD.
It is safe and effective and the risk of getting pregnant is only small.
You do not need to take a pill daily and if you forget then the risk of getting pregnant really gets high.
The other methods have many side effects like contraceptive hormones.

How is the IUD inserted?

You can get tested if IUD is safe for you. The doctor needs to perform a test if it is safe for you. Because under certain medical conditions or you are allergic to certain substances IUD may not be safe for you.
So after testing, if it is safe for you to wear this device you should do it. Then a nurse or a doctor may insert this t shaped device in your uterine. This will stop you from getting pregnant. 
The modern device is an upgraded version of the old device whose safety was questionable.  Once it is inserted you may feel some changes in you but these are only temporary and may get sorted out with time.

The body may get accustomed to a foreign body and you are safe. The fear of getting pregnant will not loom large on you and you can enjoy your sexual life with your partner without any hassle.  Use of IUD is a safe option. 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Secure Your Health & That of Family with Timely Contraception

People may visit a gynecologist for different reasons. Some women need the service of a gynecologist when they are pregnant. A few more may have issues with their reproductive organs and need treatment for the same.
Then a group of women would wish to get assistance for temporary birth control. It is always advisable for a woman to have a gap of three years between two children. This is the opinion of many a gynecologist including Dr.Garima Tyagi.
Dr. Garima Tyagi

So after the birth of a child, you need to contact your gynecologist for assistance on this.  The doctor will enlist the kind of birth control methods you can adopt so that your next child is not born soon.
You need to go in for contraception. Just taking the decision without consulting a medical practitioner would be foolhardy. You are risking the health of the baby as well as yours.
During the time you are under contraception, the baby might be feeding. During the lactation period, the mother needs to be doubly careful about what she eats and drinks. Without consulting a doctor the women should not take any kind of contraception.

The kinds of contraception that are available for the women can be listed thus.

  • Intrauterine device or the IUD
  • Birth control ring
  • Contraceptive hormones
  • Birth control pills

Each of these methods has its own pros and cons. You should sit with your doctor and ask her or him to explain to you about these different methods. You can discuss and then decide which will be the best method for you.  
You may have to consider several aspects before deciding which the best method is. The doctor may do certain tests and recommend the best suitable method. Going by the advice of the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad will be the best option.

Your health and the health of the other members of the family including the baby are really important.