Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Secure Your Health & That of Family with Timely Contraception

People may visit a gynecologist for different reasons. Some women need the service of a gynecologist when they are pregnant. A few more may have issues with their reproductive organs and need treatment for the same.
Then a group of women would wish to get assistance for temporary birth control. It is always advisable for a woman to have a gap of three years between two children. This is the opinion of many a gynecologist including Dr.Garima Tyagi.
Dr. Garima Tyagi

So after the birth of a child, you need to contact your gynecologist for assistance on this.  The doctor will enlist the kind of birth control methods you can adopt so that your next child is not born soon.
You need to go in for contraception. Just taking the decision without consulting a medical practitioner would be foolhardy. You are risking the health of the baby as well as yours.
During the time you are under contraception, the baby might be feeding. During the lactation period, the mother needs to be doubly careful about what she eats and drinks. Without consulting a doctor the women should not take any kind of contraception.

The kinds of contraception that are available for the women can be listed thus.

  • Intrauterine device or the IUD
  • Birth control ring
  • Contraceptive hormones
  • Birth control pills

Each of these methods has its own pros and cons. You should sit with your doctor and ask her or him to explain to you about these different methods. You can discuss and then decide which will be the best method for you.  
You may have to consider several aspects before deciding which the best method is. The doctor may do certain tests and recommend the best suitable method. Going by the advice of the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad will be the best option.

Your health and the health of the other members of the family including the baby are really important. 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

How to Cope With Food Cravings In Pregnancy | Dr. Garima Tyagi

It is quite natural to get a sudden urge to eat a sudden kind of food. Many get such cravings but it is more so in pregnant women. So is it good for a pregnant woman to indulge herself when she gets such cravings?

According to Dr. Garima Tyagi, having cravings for eating certain things is a natural thing in pregnant woman. These can be of two types viz. food or non-food cravings. A pregnant woman who gets such urges should not indulge in all such cravings especially when they are for non-food items.
Even the food cravings should be given in with a little precaution. If it is really difficult to cope with such cravings the woman should approach her gynecologist that she is seeing during her pregnancy.
Shree Narayan Hospital is a well known Hospital in Ghaziabad. And some of the best gynecologist work here in this hospital. So for any pregnancy related issues, you can call any of these specialists. Dr. Garima Tyagi is one of them.
This doctor will have some tips on how to cope with your food cravings during pregnancy. The doctor opines it is not bad to have food cravings occasionally for a woman when she is pregnant.
The woman should always eat good healthy food. If the craving is for certain items that are not good for health can be taken in moderation or a very small portion. This way the health also will not be harmed and your craving also will be appeased.
Yes, certain food cravings like uncooked meat, raw eggs, and unhygienically cooked food and so on should be completely avoided. These food items can lead to some illnesses and a pregnant woman cannot afford to fall sick. Even nonfood items like chalk, clay and certain items come under food cravings list of a pregnant woman. These should be completely shunned too.
Food items that are low in glycemic index and the food items that keep you full for a longer time should be consumed. Also, a woman with a baby should take short meals often to avoid the cravings.

Following these guidelines will allow a woman to cope with the food cravings with ease and also go through this period with without much of difficulty. This will ultimately lead to giving birth to a healthy baby. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Most Common Gynecological Disorders that every Women must Know

Everyone must watch out of their health and women aren't any exception. There are some most common ailments or issues that pertains to the women. Every women must know all these disorders when she attained puberty.
It’s quite common for females to hide the disorders particularly when they are associated with their genital organs and bear the pain and uneasiness in secret. Only if these are made known to gynecologist, then with the proper guidance and treatment individual can seek a cure before they spread and cause some serious consequences
If the disorder reaches the last stage, then it cannot be cured. So it’s better to treat these disorders before the disease got spread. According to Gynecologists, “The timely cure of Gynecological Disorders will help the women to lead a healthier life.

Some of the most common gynecological issues associated with women are as follows:
  1. Abnormal uterine bleeding
  2. White discharge
  3. Dysmenorrhea
  4. Abnormal pap smear
  5. Fibroid tumors
  6. Endometriosis

All of the cases are not critical but proper treatment at right time will prevent from any serious disorder. According to the study, Most women don't know the symtoms of gynecological problems associated with reproductive organs, such as back pain and increased urination.Women has to be educated about these gynecological issues when she attains puberty. This education helps to identify these disorders at very early stage. If any abnormal discharge is noticed it would be good to take consultation with one of the best gynecologist.
There are many reputed gynecologists who have dedicated their precious time for the welfare of the society and have provided excellent treatment to patients suffering from these disorders. Dr. Garima Tyagi, Best Gynaecologist in Ghaziabad has successfully cured many patients who are suffering from critical Gynaecological disorders. Get yourself treated on time and lead healthy life.
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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Low sugar level of mother at the time pregnancy

“During maternity there range of things to be taken care of. Sugar level is one in every of the main factors. throughout maternity ladies are told to take care of low sugar level. for a few ladies its simple except for different ladies it's going to be demanding to maintain” aforementioned Dr. Garima Tyagi. additional continued she other “I have seen variety of ladies throughout maternity notice it tough to manage low sugar level. In bound cases, one or 2 tricks work and lower the sugar level. In different cases, here are some factors that facilitate to lower sugar level of ladies throughout maternity.” Dr. Garima Tyagi is that the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad.

Dr. Garima Tyagi

1- Probiotics

Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests that girls with unbalanced or high level sugar ought to take food under consideration made in probiotics. Probiotics are a sort of living microorganism that are thought of to be healthy for system alimentary. This bacterium helps in regulation of carbohydrate’s metabolism and lowers the amount of sugar in women body. Natural yogurts and kimchee are recommended by Dr. Garima.

2- Fibers

Although, fiber is prominently known to be a nutrient that comes under carbohydrate but it does not cause the sugar level to boost. Indeed, fibers protect and maintain the digestive system. Thus, fibers enhance the sugar level of women during pregnancy. For fibers women may consume Oat commodities, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

3- Fat and protein

Protein is one of the major nutrients which boost energy in human body. During pregnancy, numerous of hormonal changes take place every week. In order to maintain such hormonal changes women are recommended to take food ingredients rich in fat and protein into account. Fat has been the most effective ingredient for lowering the sugar level during pregnancy. Dr. Garima suggests taking poultry, nuts, eggs, milk and such ingredients for protein and fat.

4-Low Glycemic food

Glycemic index is defined as numerous of carbohydrates containing food ingredients throughout the diet charts all over the world. Low glycemic foods such as beans, seeds, whole grains, oatmeal’s, barley's etc. These help in lowering the sugar level as they maintain the digestive system at average speed. Thus, low glycemic foods are recommended as significant for women during pregnancy.
This is an assortment of factors which are recommended by Dr. Garima Tyagi for equalisation or lowering the sugar level of ladies throughout maternity. Dr. Garima Tyagi has been active gynaecology for over twenty five years at Shree Narayan Hospital. Users will create appointments on-line at Dr. Garima Tyagi.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Points that helps to stay away from Nausea during pregnancy

“Pregnancy is an incredible period of each woman’s life. It’s either sleek for a few or packed with maternity complications for others. These complications aren’t that a lot of serious and happen to virtually each lady throughout maternity. Nausea is one in all the problems. girls ought to undergo a stage throughout maternity wherever they perpetually feel Nausea. Nausea is not any harming maternity issue however makes girls feel uncomfortable. It will be avoided” aforementioned Dr. Garima Tyagi. She is Best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad. She has been active gynaecology for over twenty five years and related to Shree Narayan Hospital for long term.

Dr. Garima Tyagi

1- Eat Snacks: 

During maternity, it becomes traditional for blood glucose to travel down or get unbalanced. Thus, low blood glucose ends up in sickness that's Nausea. Low blood glucose causes as a result of the pregnant lady going while not feeding for eight to 9 hours. Dr. Garima Tyagi advice “women ought to keep some snacks like crackers, biscuits, rusks and others to avoid nausea. This trick makes nausea either escape or comfort it in jiffy.”

2- Prefer Healthy food:

Intakes of unhealthy food or higher intake of food ingredients or parts containing high quantity of sugar like alcohols, sweeteners, caffeine and then on cause nausea. Dr. Garima prompt “women ought to like healthy food and take a look at to avoid all food that consumes high quantity of sugar. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and unrefined curbs should be enclosed within the diet of pregnant girls.”

3- Take sufficient  Naps:

During maternity girls get tired in no less time. Over tiredness end in nausea and cause you to uncomfortable for no sensible reason. To avoid nausea as a result of temporary state Dr. Garima prompt “pregnant girls ought to take short naps into accounts throughout the day. These short naps facilitate to beat the temporary state and stop nausea.”

4- Ginger is useful: 

Dr. Garima told “Ginger helps in removing the sickness or nausea throughout maternity. it's been determined in range of cases overwhelming ginger in food you eat throughout maternity end in disappearance of un-comforting nausea.” girls will add ginger in food they eat or will take ginger biscuits or different ginger snacks as a substitute.

5- Plenty of Water is often sensible:

Dehydration stimulates nausea throughout maternity. Thus, pregnant girls square measure perpetually prompt to drink many water throughout the day and avoid different drinks which can end in nausea or dehydration. Eight to 9 glass of water in an exceedingly day is should.

This is associate assortment of tips girls ought to take under consideration to avoid nausea throughout maternity. Dr. Garima Tyagi says “Nausea is traditional throughout maternity. If nothing works out, you'll contact your woman's doctor directly.” For any question you'll build appointment at Shree Narayan Hospital with Dr. Garima Tyagi.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Indications of Labor amid Pregnancy | Dr. Garima Tyagi

"Ladies don't know about the way that when work really happens. They misjudge work with ordinary development or agony amid the last or second a month ago of pregnancy. It is noteworthy for ladies to know when work really happens reason being misconception ordinary torment or any development of child in the process of childbirth cause the circulatory strain of ladies to lopsidedness" said Dr. Garima Tyagi. She is the best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad holding more than 25 years of experience. Dr. Garima Tyagi hones Gynecology in Shree Narayan Hospital. Speaking about work idea with best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad, Dr. Garima Tyagi depicted how one can know when she is in the process of giving birth. 

dr. garima tyagi reviews

  1. Water breaking

    To begin with indication of work is water breaking. A few ladies blow a gasket at the water breaking thing since they are perplexed if their water will break at open place. Notwithstanding, Dr. Garima depicted "just 8 percent ladies on the planet confront the circumstance of water broking at open space." Also ladies misjudge the term water breaks with the constant spillage or surge of liquid from the cervix. In genuine, water breaking comprises of a little liquid spillage as the leader of the infant secures the entire mammoth spillage.
  2. Solid withdrawal

    Withdrawals are significant sign amid work. In spite of the fact that, pregnancy comprises of number of sort of cramping, knocking etcetera that ladies misconstrue withdrawal with Braxton hicks. Braxton hicks are typical sort of withdrawal in the last time frame or month of pregnancy. In any case, the genuine constrictions are agonizing, solid and normal. Constriction demonstrates you are in the process of giving birth.
  3. A slight release

    Without a doubt, cervix stopped up with bodily fluid and remains shut amid pregnancy keeping in mind the end goal to shield child from any sort of disease because of the outside environment. In any case, amid work the cervix begins softening and bodily fluid begins releasing the cervix. Notwithstanding, cervix open when you are in the process of giving birth and as a sign you may feel a release.
  4. Spinal pains

    Amid ordinary pregnancy, ladies back as a rule throbs from the earliest starting point. Notwithstanding, amid or at the season of work spinal pain turns out to be to a great degree agonizing. Reason of back throbbing is the amid pregnancy kid move down with its skull striking the mother's spine. 

These were different signs to make sense of you are in the process of giving birth. Dr. Garima Tyagi proposes "ladies ought to experience data about work and conveyance to pick up learning and stay away from danger of weakness in the event that any burden happens at the season of work.

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

5 Reasons You might miss your Periods | Absent of Periods (Amenorrhea)

"Monthly cycle is the most huge interior body handle in each lady yet from couple of years I have run over various of situations where ladies are experiencing 'Missing feminine cycle and some of them were exceptionally discouraged about this issue. Without a doubt, the circumstance was delicate." Said Dr. Garima Tyagi. Additionally bantering about 'Truant monthly cycle' Dr. Garima Tyagi portrayed different reason that may be the reason for such issue. Dr. Garima Tyagi has been honing Gynecology since 20 years and rehearsing it in Shree Narayan Hospital for quite a while. 

dr garima tyagi reviews

1. Breastfeeding 

Menstruation doesnot happen amid pregnancy yet a few ladies get perplexed when no feminine cycle occur after the consummation of conveyance and pregnancy handle. Ladies don't stress for this situation reason being missing feminine cycle is basic after pregnancy because of breastfeeding or amenorrhea. In any case, gradually body modify with the new exercises and feminine cycle processstarts later. 

2. Practice past a breaking point 

Being sound and fit is not in the least an awful thing however "everything past a farthest point can be risky" thus over the top exercise as it may be the real reason of "missing monthly cycle." Dr. Garima Tyagi proposes "ladies must exercise into the hover of their ability and restricted work out which their body can hold effectively, this propensity for doing unnecessary exercise may additionally bring about barrenness because of interior body outcomes." 

3. Fat or No fat 

Period is the most delicate and huge process in ladies interior body and anyway, it moves toward becoming " upsetting to experience missing monthly cycle circumstance." For this situation, one ought to above all else take a gander at herself and see whether she is not overweight or too thin/fat less reason being "ladies who are either overweight or too thin hold higher danger of misery from truant feminine cycle." 

4. Meds 

Are you taking a heaps of solution which includes antipsychotic or antidepressants. In any case, generally, ladies experiencing stress, tension, discouragement take these sorts of medicines which may bring about lopsidedness in hormones of ladies and they confront "missing monthly cycle." Dr. Garima Tyagi proposes "utilization of antidepressants or antipsychotics could be unsafe to interior collection of ladies, particularly conceptive framework which further can bring about issues of barrenness." 

5. Physical imperfection 

Today, various of ladies don't have any thought in the event that they have some physical or auxiliary deformity in their regenerative organs until or unless they begins confronting "truant monthly cycle" and counsel their gynecologist. Dr. Garima says "it has been watched that these basic imperfections happen because of recognized reasons like deserted pregnancy, tumor, births abandons, contamination, surgery or can occur after birth." 

These were the different reason of truant feminine cycle depicted by Dr. Garima Tyagi, best gynecologist in ghaziabad. Dr. Garima Tyagi recommends "Ladies must consider seeing a gynecologist promptly in the event that they think they are experiencing 'missing period since this can be unsafe or leave long haul consequences for ladies inner body or may not, but rather to stay erring on the side of caution, it is fitting to see gynecologist." Dr. Garima Tyagi is the best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad

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